Available House Cleaning Jobs In Canada

You just arrived in Canada and need a part-time job. Consider this job offer on “Available House Cleaning Jobs in Canada.”

We got so many job opportunities just like this. We got your back on “Available House Cleaning Jobs in Canada.”

My Green Clean Plus is offering a vacant space. Stay with us on “Available House Cleaning Jobs in Canada.”

Job Specifics

  • Position Held: Housekeeper
  • Location: Almonte, Ontario
  • Morning, Night, and Overnight shifts
  • Salary: $15.50 per hour


Green Clean Plus is a trustworthy cleaning business committed to giving our customers outstanding services. We are hiring household cleaners who can perform day shifts throughout regular business hours because we promote work-life balance as an employer. No weekends, holidays, or evenings!

We got so many job opportunities just like this. We got your back on “Available House Cleaning Jobs in Canada.”


  • Enjoy your alone time and bid adieu to evenings, weekends, and holidays!
  • Receive weekly pay in addition to incentives, bonuses, and tips!
  • Weekly vacation compensation disbursed.
  • A gas allowance is provided by us.
  • Experience is not necessary! While you master the art of cleaning, we’ll pay you!
  • We provide all the tools and cleaning supplies.
  • A cheerful, welcoming, and stress-free workplace.
  • No-brainer dress code.
  • Possibilities for career and personal development
  • Excellent exercise—no membership to the gym required!
  • Contribute to the community by providing cancer patients with free house cleaning through “Cleaning For A Reason.”


  • proficient in both written and spoken English.
  • Reside 15 minutes away by car from our Almonte office.
  • possesses an excellent sense of detail and pride in their job.
  • Has an insured car and a driver’s license that is currently valid.
  • able to operate both alone and with others.
  • A kind, upbeat, and joyful disposition.
  • dependable, honorable, vivacious, and passionate—the perfect team member

We got so many job opportunities just like this. We got your back on “Available House Cleaning Jobs in Canada.”

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What abilities make a person an expert housekeeper?

To deliver good cleaning services, a professional housekeeper needs to have a variety of abilities. The following are crucial abilities and characteristics of a skilled housekeeper:

  • Cleaning Expertise: A competent house cleaner should be well-versed in a range of cleaning methods, equipment, and supplies. To get the finest cleaning results, they should be knowledgeable about handling various materials, surfaces, and stains.
  • Paying close attention to details is essential for a house cleaner to make sure that nothing is missed and that every space is cleaned thoroughly. They must be thorough and have an excellent eye for identifying dust, filth, and debris in difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Time management: Whether working alone or in a team, professional house cleaners frequently follow a set timetable. To finish projects within the allotted time and guarantee that all required cleaning activities are completed effectively, time management skills are crucial.
  • Physical Stamina: Performing repetitive jobs like mopping, vacuuming, scouring, and moving large things can be physically taxing when cleaning a house. To manage the physical demands of the job, a professional cleaner needs to be in good physical health.
  • Reliability: Since a house cleaner frequently visits clients’ residences or places of business, reliability is essential. Customers have to be at ease giving the cleaner entrance to their personal areas and possessions. Retaining privacy and confidentiality are fundamental attributes.
  • Communication Skills: It’s critical to have effective communication in order to comprehend the cleaning preferences, needs, and directions of your consumers. To guarantee client pleasure, professional housekeepers should be competent to listen intently, inquire when necessary, and communicate properly.
  • Dependability and punctuality: Professional house cleaners must possess these qualities. Customers depend on cleaners to show up on time and do the cleaning assignments on time. Strong work ethics and dependability are highly regarded attributes.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are necessary for a professional cleaner to manage a variety of cleaning situations, as each cleaning task may bring new difficulties. They ought to be able to modify their strategy, set priorities, and solve problems successfully.
  • Organizational Skills: A house cleaner needs to be well-organized in order to plan their tasks, set up cleaning materials and tools, and move through a home or facility with ease. Keeping things organized makes cleaning easier.
  • Competence: When it comes to appearance, manners, and behavior, a professional housekeeper should always maintain a high standard of professionalism. When they engage with clients and coworkers, they ought to be polite, respectful, and upbeat.

A professional housekeeper may meet client expectations, deliver exceptional service, and establish a solid reputation in the field by having certain abilities and traits. We got your back on “Available House Cleaning Jobs In Canada.”

What kind of training and credentials are needed to work as a professional housekeeper?

Most of the time, formal schooling or certification are not necessary to work as a professional house cleaner. Nonetheless, a few abilities, know-how, and qualities are helpful in building a prosperous career in this industry.

The following actions can be taken to train as a professional housekeeper:

  • To improve your cleaning abilities, start by accumulating experience in cleaning several kinds of locations, like offices, commercial buildings, and domestic dwellings. You will gain knowledge of various cleaning methods, comprehend how to handle cleaning supplies and equipment, and increase your productivity with this practical experience.
  • Find out more about cleaning supplies and tools: Learn about the various cleaning supplies, equipment, and instruments that are frequently used for house cleaning. Recognize their intended use, how to use them properly, and the safety considerations involved. Keep abreast of the most recent developments and trends in the cleaning industry.
  • Develop a reputation: Getting clients as a housekeeper depends largely on your reputation. Introduce yourself and your services to neighbors, relatives, and friends in order to get some experience and good recommendations.
  • Create a business structure. Choose between joining a cleaning firm that offers services or working on your own. If you decide to work for yourself, think about establishing a company structure. For example, you may register as an individual or start a cleaning service. For both financial and legal reasons, this action is required.
  • Obtain the licenses and permits you need. Find out from the local authorities or municipality what licenses or permits you need in order to run a cleaning service in your community. Location-specific regulations differ, so be sure you’re abiding by all the laws.
  • Obtain liability insurance: You should get liability insurance to safeguard both you and your consumers. This insurance can protect you from any unintentional harm or injury that might happen while you’re providing cleaning services.
  • Create a price schedule. Based on elements such as the size of the area, the nature of the task, and the going rates in the area, establish fair and competitive prices for your services. To make sure your rates are fair, find out what other local professional house cleaners are charging for their services.
    Promote your offerings: Create a marketing plan to advertise your house cleaning offerings. To demonstrate your knowledge and draw in new customers, make use of internet channels such as websites, social networks, and online directories.

To succeed as a professional housekeeper, keep in mind that while a college degree or certification is not required, maintaining up-to-date industry best practices, improving your cleaning abilities, and offering first-rate customer service are essential. We got your back on “Available House Cleaning Jobs In Canada.”

To whom is this job open?

Applications are accepted by the employer from:

  • both citizens and temporary or permanent residents of Canada.
  • other applicants, whether or not they have a current work permit in Canada.

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What kind of atmosphere do professional housekeepers operate in?

Depending on the unique context in which they work, a professional house cleaner’s work environment can change. We got so many job opportunities just like this. We got your back on “Available House Cleaning Jobs in Canada.”

Professional house cleaners work in a setting that includes the following essential elements:

  • Residential properties: A large number of expert house cleaners work in residential environments, tidying homes and flats. Their working environment can range from modest apartments to huge residences. Depending on the property’s dimensions and design, the workspace may differ. Housekeepers may come across many surfaces, furnishings, appliances, and equipment that need to be cleaned.
  • Commercial buildings: Some specialized house cleaning services focus on cleaning offices, retail stores, and other commercial establishments. They could have to clean restrooms, common areas, offices, and other locations that are often seen in business buildings in these kinds of settings. If it doesn’t interfere with regular business operations, the work can be completed after hours.
  • Variations in Worksite: Depending on the needs of their clients, professional housekeepers may operate in different areas. This may entail visiting several residences or places of business in their service region. They might thus encounter various settings, designs, and circumstances from one jobsite to another.
  • Demands on the body: Cleaning the house may require standing, stretching, reaching, and lifting. In order to access high spots, cleaning chores frequently call for repetitive motions and the use of stools or ladders. In order to avoid strain or injury, professional house cleaners must maintain strong physical stamina and adhere to ergonomic best practices.
  • Exposure to cleaning agents: In order to properly clean and disinfect surfaces, house cleaners routinely utilize cleaning chemicals and solutions. This could involve disinfectants, glass cleaners, all-purpose cleansers, and more. Housekeepers must adhere to all safety precautions, which include donning safety gear, employing ventilation when required, and being aware of the possible risks connected to various cleaning solutions.
  • Customer interactions: Experienced house cleaners frequently deal with homeowners or consumers one-on-one. It’s critical to have strong communication and client service abilities to comprehend their unique cleaning needs, respond to any issues, and keep a professional manner. A productive and fulfilling work environment can be influenced by having positive interactions and developing trusting relationships with clients.

It is important to remember that a professional house cleaner’s workspace can be dynamic and change depending on the type of cleaning they perform. For workers in this industry, flexibility, adaptability, and the capacity to work in a variety of contexts are essential.

We got so many job opportunities just like this. We got your back on “Available House Cleaning Jobs in Canada.”


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