Evans Scholarship Requirements 2023/24

What is the Evans Scholarship?

Ever wondered how you could manage your golf caddie experience and education simultaneously? Well, the Evans Scholarship Requirements has got your back! This life-altering scholarship is tailor-made for young golf caddies. You could say it’s the hole-in-one of scholarships!

History of the Evans Scholarship

The Evans Scholarship is named after its founder, the legendary golfer Chick Evans. Back in 1930, Chick decided to swing into action and create an avenue for caddies to pursue higher education. Fast forward to today, and the Evans Scholarship is a beacon of hope for countless aspiring students.

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The Importance of the Scholarship

Benefits for Students

Aside from avoiding student loans like sand traps on a golf course, recipients are privy to housing and tuition scholarships at select universities. Plus, imagine the camaraderie with fellow caddie-scholars!

Impact on Communities

What’s more, the ripple effect in communities is like a perfect golf swing – smooth and far-reaching. As scholars contribute their skills and knowledge back home, communities flourish like a well-maintained fairway.

Eligibility Criteria for 2023/24

Academic Requirements

For starters, don’t take your eye off the ball academically! Outstanding grades, particularly a B average or higher, is crucial to your application.

Financial Need

This is not just a trophy for your shelf; it’s a lifeline for those in need. Demonstrating genuine financial need is as crucial as a putter in golf.

Character and Leadership

Community Involvement

Like a golfer reading a green, evaluating your community involvement is essential. Volunteer work, leadership roles, or helping neighbors are all taken into account.

Extracurricular Activities

Being a well-rounded individual is just as important. Are you part of clubs, sports teams, or any other extracurricular activities? The committee will be as keen as a hawk-eyed referee.

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Application Process

Deadlines and Timeline

Don’t get caught in the rough with late submissions! Keep your eyes peeled for deadlines on the official Evans Scholars Foundation website. Typically, applications open in the fall and wrap up by early winter.

Required Documents

Have your arsenal ready! You will need to provide transcripts, letters of recommendation, and financial documents. Remember, the more detailed and genuine, the better. Think of it as choosing the right club for the perfect shot.

Tips for a Successful Application

Putting in the effort is key, but a few tips can help you navigate the course:

  1. Be Authentic: Don’t embellish your accomplishments. Honesty is as refreshing as a cool breeze on the golf course.
  2. Engage with Your Recommenders: Connect with those writing your recommendations. It’s like discussing strategies with your caddie.
  3. Double-Check Your Application: Make sure everything is in order. It’s like assessing the wind before taking a shot.

Post-Selection Responsibilities

Maintaining Eligibility

Getting the scholarship is like hitting a long drive – exhilarating, but the game isn’t over. You need to maintain a good GPA and adhere to the community standards of the Evans Scholarship House.

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The Evans Scholarship Requirements is more than just financial support; it’s a legacy and a community. From academics to character, each aspect of the application process is crucial. So, grab your metaphorical clubs, caddies! With dedication, authenticity, and focus, you can hit that hole-in-one and join the illustrious league of Evans Scholars.


  1. What is the official website for the Evans Scholarship?
  2. Do I have to be a caddie to be eligible for the Evans Scholarship?
    • Yes, having a strong background as a caddie is one of the core requirements of the Evans Scholarship.
  3. Can non-US residents apply for the Evans Scholarship?
    • The Evans Scholarship is primarily for U.S. residents. It’s best to check the official website for any changes or specific details.
  4. What kind of universities can Evans Scholars attend?
    • Evans Scholars can attend select universities across the United States that are partnered with the Evans Scholars Foundation.
  5. Is there a specific GPA required to apply for the Evans Scholarship?
    • Generally, a strong academic record is required, preferably a B average or higher.

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