Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance

Car insurance can be considered a safe haven for car owners and dealers. However, it can get worrisome when you opt for the wrong coverage. Learn more on “Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance.”

Common Questions Asked Regarding Auto Insurance Shopping

There are a variety of questions that are meant to be answered before shopping for auto insurance. Here are possible questions and their corresponding answers.

Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance

Below are a few things to take note of:

Should I compare car insurance quotes?

To identify the most suitable and economical policy, compare quotes for automobile insurance from a minimum of three different companies. Comparing prices is essential to locating the best coverage for your budget because some insurers charge up to 48% more for the same policy than others.

While most auto insurance companies base their prices on the same factors—driver age, geography, credit history, car type, and driving record—each one generates a quotation differently. Some aspects of yourself might make one choice far more economical than another. Switching auto insurance providers and learning to compare quotes can result in annual savings of hundreds of dollars.

Learn more on “Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance”

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To make sure you’re properly comparing quotes for auto insurance, you need to follow these four steps: gather your personal data, choose the right amount of coverage, take advantage of all available discounts, and compare costs.

Retrieve personal data

The majority of the data needed to obtain an online estimate is simple; however, most businesses do ask for certain specifics that you might not have on hand, like:

  • The make, model, and year of your car, as well as its vehicle identification number (VIN),
  • A list of the safety or anti-theft equipment in your vehicle
  • Your approximate daily mileage or total miles driven for work
  • Any traffic violations or collisions where the driver was at fault that occurred within the last five to ten years

Choose suitable coverage levels and maintain them

It’s possible that the amount of auto insurance you need and should have differs. However, once you’ve decided how much coverage you want to get, be careful to compare all firms using the same coverage.

Utilize all applicable savings.

Make sure that your quote includes all applicable discounts when completing an online quote form. Discounts vary from company to company and can significantly affect the total cost. You might even need to speak with an agent from certain insurers to ensure that your quote includes all relevant discounts. Discounts aside, your primary concern should be the bottom line. Even after discounts have been taken into account, you won’t really benefit from an insurance company’s substantial discounts if its rates are comparable to those of its competitors. Instead, you would be better off purchasing a policy with low rates and few discounts.

Learn more on “Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance”

Compare rates for auto insurance from various providers.

After completing each of these procedures, you may be certain that the comparison of auto insurance quotes you’re making is fair. Comparing a minimum of three auto insurance providers is advised, but the greater the number of insurers you look at, the better. In addition to savings, you should evaluate the customer service records of insurers to make sure your business will handle claims fairly and effectively.

Can I compare prices right away?

Use the auto insurance calculator to see how the options selected affect the Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates. You can also use a price wheel to see which quote is within the means of your budget.

Can I compare car insurance quotes by coverage?

Your monthly cost and the provider you should select will depend on the extent of coverage you require. In the case of a collision or injury to your car, an extensive coverage policy provides the most protection and includes collision and comprehensive insurance. Your state will select the minimum coverage, which often provides the lowest coverage amounts at the lowest possible cost.

Learn more on “Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance”

We have a list of top insurers and their quotes (full coverage and minimum coverage):

  • GEICO: Full coverage – $1,032  Minimum coverage $622
  • State Farm: Full coverage – $1,217    Minimum coverage – $789
  • Farmers: Full coverage – $1,493     Minimum coverage – $938
  • USAA: Full coverage – $879     Minimum coverage – $489
  • Progressive: Full coverage – $1,367     Minimum coverage – $890
  • Travelers: Full coverage – $1,489     Minimum coverage – $931
  • Nationwide: Full coverage – $1,251     Minimum coverage – $734
  • Allstate: Full coverage – $1,328     Minimum coverage – $855

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Can I compare car insurance quote by age?

Senior drivers and younger, less experienced teen drivers are the two age groups whose insurance costs are highest. When compared to other age groups, these two had the highest rates of accidents, including fatal accidents. We indicated that:

  • the average motorist aged 40 would pay $1,336 for auto insurance annually
  • the average driver aged 70 would pay $1,390
  • The average driver, aged 18, would spend $4,868.

Data gathered by the National Safety Council (NCS) indicates that:

  • Although they make up only 3.5% of all registered drivers, drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 have the highest crash rate—22,103 accidents per 100,000 drivers.
  • Although they make up a far greater portion of the licensed driver pool (16.5%), drivers between the ages of 35 and 44 only have 9,062 crashes for every 100,000 drivers.
  • With 4,383 accidents per 100,000 drivers, drivers 65 to 74 make up 13.7% of all drivers with licenses.

According to the NCS, general crash rates decline with driver age; however, drivers 75 years of age and older see a slight increase in fatal collision rates. It could seem like a great deal of funds to pay for insurance to younger drivers. You may argue over whether you should continue using your parent’s insurance or if you should get your own. Whichever option you choose, think about looking into the best student auto insurance so you can plan your financial resources appropriately.

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Can I compare insurance quotes by vehicle type?

The kind of vehicle you drive might have an impact on your auto insurance costs, much like home details. A car’s insurance cost increases with its repair costs. A model’s cost of insurance will depend on a number of things, including how much it will cost to fix, how safe it is, how likely it is to be stolen, and whether or not it is the kind of car—like a sports car—where drivers are less inclined to drive defensively.

We discovered that the cost of auto insurance can vary by about $1,800 annually based on the model.

The most costly car model to insure for our example driver was a Tesla Model Y, costing $2,878 annually, while the least expensive car model was a Jeep Patriot, costing $1,085 annually.

Obtaining multiple auto insurance quotes is a smart idea while shopping for a vehicle, particularly if you are considering multiple options.

Learn more on “Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance”

Can I compare by driving records?

Maintaining a spotless driving record is the best approach for all families drivers to keep their auto insurance costs low. It is more difficult to acquire affordable auto insurance with a bad record because any infraction or collision could raise premiums. It might be challenging to obtain auto insurance without credentials because insurers frequently require a driver’s permit number in order to complete your quote.

We made this discovery:

  • The average rise in auto insurance rates after receiving a speeding ticket is 29%.
  • The average rise in auto insurance premiums following an at-fault collision is 50%.

Because different insurance companies charge different amounts after a driving infraction, we have separated out the rate hikes by specific insurers.


We calculated the average rate rise that a driver might anticipate in the event of an at-fault accident or a speeding ticket appearing on their driving record using the study data. The study indicates that the average rise in auto insurance costs due to a single ticket is 29%.


The impact of an at-fault accident on an auto insurance policy’s rate was examined using the same data. An at-fault accident cost may be added to your insurance price for an initial period of three years, and auto accidents typically have a greater negative impact on rates than tickets. This is supported by the data, which indicates that when all typical yearly premiums are taken into consideration, the average rise in auto insurance rates resulting from an at-fault collision is 50%.

Learn more on “Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance”

Is there a comparison by credit score?

The majority of auto insurance providers base the insurance rate in part on the applicant’s financial standing or credit-based insurance score. Your rate for auto insurance can be greatly influenced by your credit score, with higher credit scores translating into lower rates.

As our data indicates:

  • An average driver with good credit would spend $1,337 for auto insurance annually.
  • The average annual payment for an identical driver with decent credit would be $1,597, or 16% higher.
  • The average total amount paid by the same motorist with bad credit will be $2,466; this is 63% higher than the driver with moderate credit and 88% greater than the driver with good credit.

Is there a comparison by states?

Drivers must comply with various auto insurance standards in each state. The fact that not every coverages are necessary may affect how much auto insurance costs. For instance, while some jurisdictions offer this as an optional coverage, others mandate that all auto insurance policies include personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) coverages.

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When it comes to auto insurance quotes, location counts. Particularly when it comes to population, traffic, and weather, a state’s distinctive qualities may also play a role in explaining why some rates are higher or lower in that state. There are several ways that location might impact premiums for auto insurance:

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  • Severe Weather: Expect to pay higher insurance premiums, especially for comprehensive coverage, in states with a higher chance of severe weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, as well as those with winter weather conditions like ice and snow.
  • Thefts: Compared to states with fewer auto thefts, states with a greater rate of vehicle thefts may have higher rates for auto insurance, particularly comprehensive coverage.
  • State Insurance Requirements: Car insurance costs in comparison to other states with lower limit requirements may be higher if you meet state insurance requirements, such as higher liability limits.
  • Number of Disputes in the Area: In some states, communities with higher-than-average claim rates may also see increases in auto insurance prices for all drivers, not just those who file claims.
  • The frequency and severity of accidents can affect the cost of auto insurance. A state with a higher accident frequency may have more expensive auto insurance than one with a lesser accident frequency.
  • Cost of Health Care: States with higher medical costs may also have higher auto insurance rates.

To find the most affordable rates in your state, you should compare quotes from several insurance providers; even though one provider may offer the lowest overall rate in your state, you might be able to get a better deal with a different provider.

It is certain that this knowledge will guide you when shopping for an auto insurance.

Learn more on “Things I Should Know Before Shopping For Car Insurance”

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