What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in America

Before riding a motorcycle, you must obtain insurance in almost all states. We evaluated prices from some of the most well-known insurance companies in the nation to assist you in finding affordable motorbike insurance. Lets see insurance companies with cheap rates on “What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in America”

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What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in America

This fact is not to be argued. At an average monthly premium of $49, Nationwide offers the most affordable motorbike insurance in the nation. That’s a monthly savings of $11 above the national average. Take a look on these statistics:

  • Nationwide: $49
  • Geico: 51
  • Progressive: $52
  • Average: $60
  • Markel: $69
  • Allstate: 71
  • Dairyland: 73

Additionally, Geico and Progressive have reasonable monthly premiums of $51 and $52, respectively. They also have a commendable rating.

What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in America? Know The Available State

More than any other insurance business, Progressive offers the most affordable motorbike quotes in 22 states. In 16 states, Geico is the least expensive alternative, whereas in 10 states, Nationwide is the least expensive provider.


The lowest motorcycle insurance prices are provided by Nationwide, which charges $49 a month, or $593 annually. Compared to the $60 monthly national average cost, that is $11 less per month.

You can obtain even lower rates from Nationwide using a few different methods. A multivehicle discount, for instance, could reduce your premiums if you insure more than one bike or combine your motorbike coverage with a home or auto insurance policy.

Additionally, Nationwide has a disappearing deductible. Your deductible is lowered by $100 for each year that you are accident-free.

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Great coverage is also provided by Nationwide. Roadside assistance and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or custom equipment parts coverage are also options for policies.

However, riders aren’t always satisfied with Nationwide’s level of service. As expected given its size, the company receives fewer complaints, as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). However, on J.D. Power’s yearly claims satisfaction survey, it received a lower-than-average total score.

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For riders who require additional coverage, Progressive offers the most affordable motorcycle insurance. Progressive policies can be personalized and range in price from $52 per month to $625 per year, depending on the features you choose.

Thanks to Progressive’s several discounts, motorcyclists may be able to get a great deal on motorcycle insurance. Certain benefits, such as those for paying on time, confirming you own a motorcycle license, and making electronic payments, are relatively simple to take advantage of.

When riders have full and comprehensive collision coverage, they immediately receive replacement cost coverage, OEM parts coverage, and $3,000 in custom parts protection.

Despite having fewer complaints than other similar-sized companies, Progressive received the second-lowest rating on J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction survey, according to the NAIC. This indicates that drivers are dissatisfied with Progressive’s post-accident customer service.

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Motorcycle insurance costs are usually higher for first-time riders, but Geico’s rates for riders between the ages of 18 and 21 are consistently reasonable.

For an older 50-year-old rider, the typical Geico coverage costs $51 per month, or $610 annually. That’s only $2 more per month than Nationwide, our least expensive insurance provider.

Young riders can also get lower rates from Geico than from other insurance providers.

Young riders who use Geico can also choose to pay their debt in installments rather than all at once. This option allows riders to divide the annual cost of motorcycle insurance into reasonable payments, which helps to lower the cost of coverage despite the tiny price for each installment.

For the majority of youthful riders, Geico provides adequate coverage; however, certain popular alternatives, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coverage, aren’t offered.

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The biggest combined discount for motorcycle and vehicle insurance is provided by Allstate. When riders combine plans, they might receive a 10% discount on their auto insurance.

Other discounts provided by Allstate include:

  • Discount on policy transfer when you move to Allstate
  • Discount on motorcycle safety courses for riders who have completed a safe driving course within the last three years
  • Five years of good rider discount without a serious traffic ticket or at-fault collision
  • discount on motorcycle organization membership if you are a member of a riding group such as the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.)
  • Discount on the easy pay plan when you sign up for automatic payments
  • Full payoff when you pay the remaining balance on your policy upfront.

Allstate’s prices, meanwhile, are high for riders who aren’t eligible for any savings. An insurance policy costs $71 a month, or $854 a year, which is 18% more than the average.
Based on a complaint index published by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Allstate receives fewer complaints than competitors of comparable size. However, J.D. Power’s poll respondents weren’t thrilled with the company’s claims procedure. This implies that, in comparison to other providers, Allstate can take longer to get you back on the road following an accident.

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What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in America? How can I get one?

Increasing your deductible, looking for savings, and comparing quotes can all help you get affordable motorbike insurance.

Start by comparing quotes from several insurance providers to discover the best deal on motorbike insurance. The annual cost of the least expensive and most expensive insurance policies may differ by several hundred dollars.

Also, reviewing each company’s discounts is advisable. Most of the time, discounts are available for:

  • extending a policy with a business
  • Moving from a different company
  • avoiding accidents for a number of years
  • enrolling in a recognized safety course
  • combining different insurance contracts, such as house and car
  • Several bike policies
  • Having certain safety components on your bicycle

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By changing the amount of their deductibles and coverage amounts, especially for comprehensive and collision insurance, motorcyclists can reduce the cost of their motorbike insurance. A Progressive motorcycle coverage policy’s total annual cost can be lowered by more than $100 by increasing the deductible between $250 to $500.

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